Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Taste of Amersfoort

Another day waking up late....this time at 11:30 and Nicole at noon. Crazy, but I guess that is what happens when you combine jet lag with staying out until 4am.

By the time we woke up, everyone was out doing their thing. Saskia was at work and Wim in the backyard pulling the weeds. Nicole and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and invited the children to help us set the table for breakfast...or lunch I guess. Again we had the various breads, meats, cheeses and chocolate. This time however, my Aunt Hedy paid a visit. She is a fast talker, a quick thinker and a go getter. She is always on the move and hustling around town conducting business. I've never her seen her dressed down either. Always in line with the latest fashion with elegant accessories and of course high heels. She was working a delivery for her and her husband's business - Patisserie Van Gent. She was actually delivering a wedding cake. She asked if I wanted to ride with her, but I eyes were just beginning to peel open. After our lunch she returned and did she return after a visit to the bakery. She came back with enough bread for 2 weeks, and many artisan pastries and pizza from the bakery. My favorite pastry was a crisp and flaky pastry dough that was filled with a spicy sausage. Nicole enjoyed the same flaky pastry dough, but hers was dumped with powder sugar and a few caramelized pecans. Aunty Hedy also brought some her cold salad specials like salmon spread, celery root salad which was surprisingly delicious with subtle hints of sourness as well sweetness, and a mild curried chicken salad that was to my liking.

What was supposed to be a light breakfast turned into a huge lunch. We rested from that for a little while and then headed to the "Taste of Amersfoort". This a community event where all the local restaurants close shop and open up small booths where they are able to serve their food and drink the patrons paying with keitjes or "rocks". This celebrates an old folk story of different rocks that were brought to Amersfoort to help build the city. It actually serves as a fun event for the locals and a promotional event for the businesses. We had many tastes likes Zeeauss Oysters with lemon and black pepper, beef tenderloin with white asparagus mousse and hollandaise, crayfish pancakes with sea beans and lobster espuma, swordfish brochettes with mango chutney, warm goat cheese on nut bread with caramelized honey, proscuitto wrapped foie gras torchon with truffle cream and figs, and also, herbed cream cheese wrapped in proscuitto which happened to be one of the favorites. We washed it all down with Grolsch beer and topped it off with a rich vanilla ice cream.

Tonight is going to be a slow night. The kids are a little rowdy today getting in lots of fights with each other so we are all going to kick back and watch a movie. Plus, it will be great for Nicole and I to slow it down for a night while we get our sleeping patterns in order and come to terms with how to fix her computer.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gooood the food sounds so delicious, i wish i was there with you two, and the whole clan send pictures if you can. say hello to everyone Anthony and Nicole this is great what you are doing it;s almost like were there with you.

love you

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