Friday, May 18, 2007

Tough Day (cont.)

It was getting late last night so I had to cut off.

So after munching on some Edam cheese, a semi-soft and mild Dutch cheese, we began work on the cousin Wim is a computer tech so at one time we had 5 computers going all at the same time trying to connect to his network. In the wake of our attempt we sucked down a tasty beverage called Rosen Stroop. It is actually made of Rose Syrup with an inviting sweetness backgrounded with a huge floral scent of actual roses. Mix that with water over ice and we had a refreshing drink to watch the sunset at 10:30pm....that's right, 10:30 at night!!

Anyhow, as Wim was working on the computers we ran into a problem with Nicole's work computer. As one thing led to another and one attempt to fix the problem happened we ended up getting locked out entirely of the computer. That all being said, Nicole handled it well, but it has us both a little stressed as we attempt to fix it. I know it will get fixed, but we will be in touch with the Nestle IT team.

Today we have no plans, but to go to the is the main city area in Amersfoort. It is actually a fort surrounded by a moat or canal, whatever you want to call it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tough Day

We made it...the flight wasn't as rough as we thought, but I wasn't able to catch any shut eye. Seating was tight and to make matters worse we had three beligerent travelers sitting behind us that didn't help with the long travel time. Nicole and I trooped it out only to be met with a ridiculous long line for security while trying to make our connecting flight in London. However, Nicole stepped it up and got us in the preferred traveller line so we just made our connector to Amsterdam.

Our arrival in Amsterdam was seamless. We were joyfully met by my cousins Saskia, Jan Willem and my second cousin Carline. A lot of great conversation, jokes and memories as we shared a train ride into Amersfoort. Upon reaching our home for the next seven days, courtesy of Sas and Wim, we were greeted by the rest of the family - my aunts Vonnie, Tjilly, and Hedy; my cousin Ryan; some spouses Betty and Hans; and of course, one more second cousin Jasper. Again we spent a great time catching up on the past and sharing in some of our favorite snacks.

Aunt Vonnie made a run to the snack shop and picked up Kaas Souffle, Bitter Ballen, Croquetten, and Pataat met Mayonaisse. The kaas souffle was a lucious treat of dripping Dutch Gouda cheese encased in a crispy breadcrumb mixture. The first bite is a durable crunch followed by a sharp, oozing warm cheese. What a treat! The bitter ballen and croquettes are very similar. They are a well seasoned beef and parsley mixture that is cooked down to a meltingly soft consistency in a beef veloute sauce. It is then breaded and fried. The meat mixture is so rich and flavorful that we ate it with the perfect foil - a spicy mustard sauce. Finally, we topped it all off with french fries dipped in doesn't get much more Dutch than that.

We continued into the night, still without having slept for a night, but we were running on fun and laughter. We ran into a little speed bump later in the evening that I will share at a later time.
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