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Grow Your Business with The Content Marketing Guide

a practical 24-step plan you can act on today

What You'll Learn From This Guide

  • Learn how to build & implement a content marketing strategy that will deliver the results you need
  • Get tips from the experts & real-world examples to inspire your imagination, while keeping your focused on the end results you want.
  • Discover a 24 step plan that will guide you through researching, planning and executing a digital content strategy that will help you retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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Find out exactly what content marketing is, and how it can help grow your business

By now, everyone knows that content is needed to help grow your online business. But as the industry grows, how to achieve success can seem incredibly complicated.

What type of content should you be producing? How can it be used to get the organic results that you need?

Our free guide will cut through the confusion and take you step by step through what content marketing means and how it can be used to engage with your audience, drive traffic to the site and improve your site’s visibility in search results.

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    Martin Randall,
    Director, Alert Electrical?

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    Neil Hodges,
    Managing Director, School Stickers?

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    Emma Pook,
    E-commerce Manager, Tanners Wines?

What Do We Know About Content Marketing?

We've been working with clients across a range of industries for over 18 years, helping them to:

  • Reach top positions in search engine rankings
  • Increase organic & referral traffic
  • Improve ecommerce conversion rate
  • Boost website revenue

"One of the exciting things about Google+ is every day you log in and there are new, fun things to try. As marketers, it's always powerful to have new ways to communicate and get your message across."

Jerry Daykin,
Social Media Community Manager, Cadbury?

"What blew my mind was how instantly global it was... The immediacy and authenticity that I have been able to create with people on Hangouts I can now follow through with, with the actual release of my music."

Daria Musk,

"I haven't seen anything else like Hangouts in terms of it crossing that barrier of really making a connection. I feel like the deepest connection you could get is that video interface"

Meghan Peters,
Community Manager, Mashable

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